Spirited Traveler Stories

  That's a wrap!

This summer we set out on a mission to find spirited travelers to help us tell the story of Reflect Resorts & Spas. After sifting through hundreds of inspiring stories, we found our winners!

A couple of perpetual adventurers, a group willing to embrace the unexpected and a pair with an unbreakable bond allowed us to follow them on their journey.

Learn more about them and watch their stories come to life!


Mark & Maria

When the opportunity to visit Reflect Resorts & Spas arose, Mark and Maria jumped at the chance to show us their spirit.  Married for 12 years, both have a love for adventure, but rarely get the opportunity to travel together.  Mark is often traveling for work, while Maria is spontaneous and willing to explore the world on her own. Their travel styles may differ, but Mark and Maria were able to disconnect from the world and reconnect with each other throughout their time at Reflect Resorts & Spas.  


Bonnie and Eileen have been the best of friends since high school and as hardworking, single moms they often depend on each other for support.  Even their children, Cameron and Ari have developed a sibling like bond.  This adventurous pair, along with their ever enthusiastic and effervescent kids make vacationing together a priority.  During their stay at Reflect Resorts & Spas they were able to experience unforgettable moments and strengthen their powerful bond that will last a lifetime.  

Katia & Friends

Travel can sometimes be chaotic even for the most spirited traveler, but Katia is able to smile through any situation with a little help from her closest friends! Katia often travels with her brother, long-time childhood friend and a good pal from high school, but this group has never vacationed altogether.   During their time at Reflect Resorts & Spas their effortless connection and ability to make each other laugh allowed these friends to create memories they will hold on to forever. 



friends running into the ocean
















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